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Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon Kindle Nook – A comparison

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A lot of people are interested in seeing what eBook Reader Nook take the first prize in Matchup Kindle. While the Amazon Kindle eReader market is clearly dominant on the day, some say that the goods Nook Kindle a serious competition. But is it really? If we find the other two devices.

Size, weight and design

Measuring 7.7 cm in length and 4.9 cm in width is slightly smaller than the NookKindle is wide 8 inches long and 5.3 cm. But then, up to 0.3 cm thick, Kindle is thinner than that of the Nook, the 0.5 cm thick. The unity of the Barnes & Noble weighs a bit 'more difficult "to 11.2 oz 10.2 Oz in weight Kindle

Unlike the Kindle, Nook, the back cover, easy access to its removable lithium-ion battery. What does the Nook a whole new level, 3.5-inch color touch screen thatreplaces a keyboard for navigation. The contrast between the color LCD and E Ink offers an interesting dynamic to the unit that few others can boast eReader.

Other Features

Both the Kindle eBook Reader is equipped with 2 GB of internal memory, but at the same time, so that it provides the ability to map Nook expand the memory via microSD memory cards of his. The two devices use AT & T 3G wireless network, but only in conjunctionThe Nook offers WiFi connectivity. Get a shop in Barnes & Noble, is now providing free access to WiFi.

Haves and have-nots

Now comes the interesting details Kindle vs Nook. What does the Nook can not keep up with Kindle and vice versa? On the one hand, the Barnes and Noble eReader two new services – (able to add your eBook Nook the other owners), loans of books and in-store browsing (the ability to complete some of the ebooks for free at BarnesNoble and business).

On the other hand, have their Kindle-a text to speech functionality, which book you can relax and enjoy the show. Kindle also allows for web browsing, but not the Nook. Finally, the battery life of 7 to 10 days Nook (more like 4-5 days after users) is far from the Kindle battery life up to 14 days (more than 10 days in actual use). These are estimated to pull battery life with Wi-Fioff.

The verdict

As I said, Kindle is already looking for a clear winner vs Nook is not so simple. But while the two functions are great gadget takes on Amazon for general use, because the technology is almost perfection, several generations Kindle happen. The various arguments Nook, slow start paging lazy and future versions can be aligned, and it ' really possible to KindleKiller.

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