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What should you buy – DX VS with Global Wireless Kindle Kindle?

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Now, as in the U.S. only 6 will expire Kindle (no longer available on Amazon yet) there are two options for the decisions the player to purchase a wireless digital books. "DX With the Kindle, and Kindle Wireless Global.

Each of these devices has its strengths and what you choose really depends on your needs (or browse to the needs of the person you buy if it is a gift.)

Obviously, iflive outside the United States, Global Kindle is the only choice, because the DX works only within the U.S., while the international version (as the name suggests) works in countries around the world.

If you live in the U.S., then the choice is important to save money by buying the wireless version expands worldwide or more (both lost for the display and the amount of space on your hard disk), offers the DX version.

The international version is only six inchesDiagonal, while the DX Version 9.7 inches. The international version can be up to 1,500 pounds, while the DX can hold about 3,500 books.

Together with the scope has the advantage that they offer large rotating screen Kindle is another machine. For example, if you turn the unit on the page, the text automatically flip the screen so that reading Dom This can be very useful against some types of material (eg someImages.)

Unlike the differences in size and in which the wireless functions, these two devices are very similar and both have all of the following:

Access to over 360,000 books, magazines and newspapers on Amazon Kindle Store.
Ability to download a book, magazine or newspaper in just 60 seconds.
Very long battery life. It can be used for days without recharging.
No monthly wireless (such as a GPS system.)
A document on the screen, as "is easy on the eyes.
"Read to Me" feature, all the books into audio books are now.
Built-in dictionary.
The wireless access to Wikipedia and a browser.

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