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Kindle vs Sony Reader Edition 2 – And the winner is?

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Sony and Amazon are two of the best quality eBook reader on the market today with the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle 2 Digital Edition Both are comparable in price, so it makes sense to compare the two and see who wins in a battle of cool features. Here's a complete comparison.

read both the Sony and Kindle Edition Touch 2, the E-Ink "technology" in their screen. This technology deals with anti-reflective properties and crystal-clear text.Read the text from extreme angles and sunlight, of course, easier-pixel technology. Both models can increase the size of the text easily.

Browse the pages: the Sony Reader Digital Edition is of course a touch screen. You navigation, pages, and other actions by tapping the screen. Kindle technology uses 2 button on the side of the screen.

Most of the people is the first impression the best touch screen, advanced technology. If theTouch-screen suitable for an eBook Reader, if you? They are, however, the reader holds in different positions for hours. Turn the page uncomfortable with your finger or thumb across the page, the reader, that may disturb.

Colors: The Sony Reader is available in 3 different colors, while the Kindle 2 comes only in white base.

The battery life of the player and touch Kindle 2 has very long battery life. The technologies attract a lot of e-inklittle power and can run multiple pages on a single battery charge up to 2 weeks later.

Wireless capability: This is a major difference between the Kindle 2, and the paperback edition. The Kindle 2 Whispernet "technology" that Sony makes surfing the Internet access wirelessly to Kindle. You will need to, to connect your computer to download some songs touch again.

International Financial Reporting: The Kindle 2 has wireless capabilities and 3GMobile operators in over 100 countries. This means that you can go where you can download more songs from the Internet, and when no Internet connection is available, then you can use the 3G service.

The Sony Reader is not for the 3G wireless access, or new songs, or download other publications.

So who's the winner? It 's very close between the two devices, but the Sony Reader Digital Edition recovery with just a few features missing compared toAmazon Kindle 2 Kindle 2, the cover is equipped with wireless capabilities and international. The Kindle 2 is slightly cheaper, $ 249 against $ 300 for the reader. The Kindle also has the "Text-to-speech" feature so that you go to listen to a book while driving.

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