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Five Hot tech gifts for the boss or an employee

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Finding the right gift for the boss or an employee gift is always a problem in this time of year, it might be useful if you convert a technological solution. Every holiday season is especially hot tech gift that everyone wants to see a list of desires, and this season is proving no different. So this page to a hamster Zhu Zhu, here are five tech gifts you might consider, in the list to the main boss or an employee:

First e-reader. InIf you're wondering, e-reader as the name suggests, this hand portable electronic devices, the user can read the books. They also called electronic or digital music player. The most famous Amazon Kindle e-reader, which was introduced in 2007, according to a recent article in time, Amazon has already sold 1.7 million units. Do not take, Barnes & Noble has its own e-reader called the angle required for retail$ 260 of it is not enough memory to hold) 1,500 books (2 GB and a microSD slot, it is possible that more than 16 GB.

Other companies also offer e-readers like the Sony Reader and iRex Digital Reader Asus Eee Reader -. According to the Association of American Publishers, digital downloads of books has increased sales by 149% this year, while the value Sales E-book Reader to3000000 on December 31. It could also about 1 million of these devices will be sold this season, according to Forrester Research, and twice the projected revenues for 2010 to 6,000,000.

2. Netbook. These are the smaller cousins of the laptop, often called the mini laptop. They usually have screens of 10 inches, although some may argue a little 'bigger or smaller. Netbooks are smaller than Intel's Atom processor, a GB of RAM and Windows XP. The prices are goodunder $ 500. Remember, the category "netbook" is a relatively new – Asustek started the netbook category when it issued its first Eee PC in autumn 2007.

Some of the most popular Asus Eee PC 1000, Lenovo IdeaPad S10, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind U100 and HP Mini 2140th But look around, because other netbook on the market are very good, they deserve a prominent place in any Christmas tree.

3. Blu-ray.Blu-ray, the glorious 1080p high definition picture and superior sound, it is always very popular with the public for purchase. The prices of Blu-ray DVD player are also displayed, the pressure on the demand for these high-tech products of the moment. Remember all the benefits of Blu-ray, you need a full 1080p High Definition Television, the bigger the better!

Some of the best in Blu-ray players and Sony PlayStation 3, OPPOBDP-83, LG BD390, Panasonic DMP-BD60k and the Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray DVD player. Furthermore, prices have declined significantly, and if you look around you might even listed for under $ 100.

4. Smart Phones. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), also known as smartphones employee always an appropriate gift for a boss or A. This portable electronic devices are still bright and full of features. Very soon they will probably bring your ownMorning coffee! Seriously, are the smart phone is proving to be popular gift, as prices dropped. Apple's iPhone, the market is open to a wider audience, the more demand for this popular tech gift.

Some of the top rated smartphones and PDAs, including the entire line of BlackBerry, Palm TX, Sony Clie series, and of course the Apple iPhone. Even shopping around to get a better price, but beware, PDA, offers free in exchange for a service plan,unless this is what you are looking for.

5. Gaming notebook. These laptops have high-performance graphics chip, performance, processor speed, memory-T (including video RAM), large high resolution display, usually with a Blu-ray optical drive, guaranteeing it can be. Despite his outside a little 'sharp gaming laptops are not just for games, many business travelers, graphic artists, designers, video producers … enjoy the benefits of a powerful laptop that canThis heavy graphics without crashing. Of course every boss or the employee can also play on it.

Some excellent gaming laptop, ASUS G71Gx-A2, Toshiba Qosmio X505 – Q850, MSI GT740, Alienware M17x and Rock X790 (Clevo D900F), which is basically the same laptop as D900F Panther Eurocom, Falcon Northwest DRX and AVADirect Clevo D900F Fragbook Core i7. Clevo is a Taiwanese OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components for laptop quality high-enduses these ODM (original design manufacturer) as the rock, Sager and Eurocom build their platforms.

Check these five high-tech devices and you can select an appropriate gift boss and / or transfer of employees, estimated to be strongly influenced by the receivers. Look around and you'll probably find many of these techniques has a very reasonable price, if all else fails, go with the hamster Zhu Zhu!

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