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Barnes and Noble Amazon Kindle Vs Nook

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With so many new electronic gadgets coming out, many consumers are confused about the difference between similar devices. The explosive popularity of e-book reader raises the central question of what is best. For $ 200, the two most important Amazon and Barnes and Noble Kindle Nook. Even if the other players who are from these two great companies have monopolized the market in its price range. The challenge of the iPad has opened the doorCompetition tough, but if you only have a small, lightweight and inexpensive e-reader, Nook and keeping silent on Kindle fascinating.

E-readers are more than just a passing fad. More and more people need to be replaced by e-readers turn to their printed counterparts. No ink on your hands or put in the document, if the weather is bad.

After the first, Kindle, Amazon has some advantages over Nook. Kindle has a real keyboard, and it is easierNook web surfing. In addition, the text for easier reading Kindle, weighs less than 2 ounces hot and Nook also survived the four days of battery life! The Kindle screen is well suited for reading in bright sunlight.

Despite these great features, Kindle is not without limits. If you're a great player for example, Nook would certainly be a better way to go. Nook also offers more free e-book and allows sharing with friends for 14Days. Nook is also a good alternative to expensive iPad. Although Nook can not compete with all of the iPad, with well less than half the price offers good value for the basic functions of the E-Reader.

Both the Kindle and Nook support a wide range of e-books. Although Amazon Kindle yet support the brain is the TV for good entertainment for the year and a half or more.

In the end, whatIt 's really a matter of taste. While some may prefer the subtle feeling of Nook, the additional bells and whistles and a little 'more, others go the Kindle to read with easy navigation and better control. Although Kindle Book Nook department than in the game, E-mail to read really, Kindle still seems out of the nearest competitor.

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