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What is so good reading on the wireless device Amazon Kindle 2?

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If the bookseller Amazon first phase, brought on-line library for us. This time you should move a step further, have taken their products in electronic form. This is done through a new wireless reading device called Amazon Kindle. The stage is now set for a complete reading if you decide to mail, so e-books purchased and read by electronic readers with an electronic system.

The electronic reader Kindledeveloped to download newspapers magazines blogs, books e. Journals are automatically sent to the device. The alternative technique is another very useful for us, books, magazines or other reading material and turning it from side to side. The Amazon Kindle is really powerful, and is surpassed only by the successors of the second Kindle

The Kindle electronic reader is designed to operate on its own. It is connected directly to the AmazonWhispernet with 3G technology for streaming media, synchronization, and even internet browsing. There are no service plan, purchase orders or invoices, why pay this feature to the closure of the Amazon. About the only cost for the consumption of battery energy consumers, charging every 4-5 days of continuous operation, two weeks off to wireless.

Kindle Whispernet dedicated wireless network. It brings the system of delivery of e-books and other readingMaterial. The service is almost immediate. Within a minute later, reading the user can be removed. The first pages of books are available for sampling for the first purchase. This radio technology is not currently available outside the country, but should not last long as the Kindle was designed to travel.

The best thing about this wireless readers is its white paper, as the display of cutting black. For an electronic display, is very pleasing to the eyeto read especially for those who for a long time. The display is based on version Vizplex e-ink technology is based without backlight. The reading will be 100% natural light lamp, and you have no problem with the screen too hot, too long reading.

The technology also utilizes Amazon Whispernet optimized for downloading, most of Sprint's national high-speed (EVDO) data network to search for wireless users to synchronize and read the contents. The girl was KindleWith Kindle further expanded in the second user feedback seriously original Amazon Kindle is able to reach an even more impressive with the radio reading grateful for his readers now.

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