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Amazon Kindle Review DX leather

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kindle DX new leather cover for the Amazon region is surprisingly simple, not unlike that exaggerated the Kindle to cover the latest. The skin is nothing special outside, but their reliability is much better than it looks, and really kept his promise to protect the Amazon Kindle DX.

This is a really good thing invented, and I believe that the publication of e-book, every day via the Internet, a gadget that reads e-books, asuseful. If you and your love if you love to read Kindle E-Books The jacket is something that you should '.

What I have new skin DX is the simplicity of the clip and borders, "Amazon Kindle special offer protection. He just Latches hinges, the manipulations are sufficient to contain all the Kindle safe and away from the ground up or

The thickness of the skin, I can say isbe above average. The thickness and rate changes can hear you, especially if you lean one who really appreciate the Kindle. But at the same time protects it. I learned to adjust the resistance as initially wanted something simple but very effective.

The outer skin Kindle DX is only a rough black leather, and the edges are soft as felt. I like that it looks elegantand seems very professional. I love the Amazon Kindle DX skin looks like the cover with the best. But what is the best coverage for the Kindle? It 'very convenient.

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